Monday, April 30, 2007

Freezing on Easter

Posted April 9, 2007 by bobbi a. chukran.

Mornin’ earthly gardeners,

I have to tell ya, I’m not in the mood for talking about fresh tomatoes right now….it’s been freezing here! We had a freakish late freeze on Saturday night, and at the last minute we were scurrying around covering plants, hauling the EarthBox into the garage, turning off the water in the garden hoses, checking the pump house, etc. etc. It was supposed to get up to the 50’s yesterday, but it didn’t. We got some sleet Saturday morning, and friends just north of us got up to three inches of snow. People who don’t believe that our climate is changing need to get a clue…..80-degrees in December and freezing on Easter eve….NOT normal. I’m worried about the hummingbirds since I haven’t seen any out today.

To cheer us up a bit, I dug around in the files and found a photo of one of my antique roses blooming in April of last year. Several people have expressed an interest in growing heirlooms, but wanted roses that they could cut. This particular one grows on a long sturdy stem, and makes a wonderful cut flower.

My other bushes are blooming now, too, and have been for about a month. I hope this one short freeze doesn’t do them in!

Keep warm, and dig it!

bobbi c.
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