Monday, April 30, 2007

Gargoyles in the Garden

april 11, 2007 by bobbi a. chukran

Mornin’ earthly gardeners,

New visitors to my garden always comment on my small and growing collection of garden ornaments. There really isn’t a theme, although I do tend to go for the quirky.

This little gargoyle fellow called out to me from the shelves of a craft store. I didn’t think it would last long in the garden, but I’ve had it for years now. It’s made of resin and fiberglass. I like placing the ornaments in pots with plants, in the middle of garden beds, etc.

He’s sitting in a pot of oxalis, which I planted ten years ago when we first moved in. Oxalis comes as small bulbs, and it multiplies nicely over the years. I have it all over the garden now, in pots, in beds, along edges. It stays green much of the year, and blooms off and on throughout the year, too. It’s just one of those small pleasures that make my garden so special to me.

Other garden ornaments include the birdbaths, a wonderful sundial, a long-eared rabbit, a “Welcome to my Garden” sign that my neighbor gave me, and several bizarre garden gnomes, which you will meet later. Gnomes are camera shy, you know.

dig it!

bobbi c.

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